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Residential Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

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What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required for all homes whenever built, rented or sold.

The certificate records how energy efficient your property is as a building and provides A-G ratings. These are similar to the labels now provided with domestic appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. An 'A' rating shows it's very efficient, meaning lower fuel bills, while 'G' is inefficient, meaning higher fuel bills. The Certificate will also show the building's environmental impact by indicating its carbon-dioxide emissions.

Important News: EPCs for Holiday Lets

As from June 2011 an Energy Performance Certicficate (EPC) must be obtained for properties that are rented out as holiday lets for 4 months or more in any 12 month period. This is being introduced by the Department of Community for Local Government (DCLG) following response to their consultation document. As with the legislation requiring houses for sale and rental to obtain an EPC this is a legal requirement that is subject to a fine if not implemented.

The EPC report should then be made available to prospective customers.

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How is an EPC Produced?

Data is collected by the domestic energy assessor such as floor area, construction, insulation, heating and lighting and input into a management software programme. Certain assumptions are made on how the home is used by the occupiers.

Recommendations that accompany the Report

An EPC is always accompanied by a recommendation report that lists cost effective and other measures (such as low and zero carbon generating systems) to improve the energy rating. A rating is also given showing what could be achieved if all the recommendations were implemented.

Why is the certificate important?

The certificate is important because nearly 50 per cent of the UK's energy consumption and carbon emissions arise from the way our buildings are lit, heated and used. Even comparatively minor changes in energy performance and the way we use each building will have a significant effect in reducing energy consumption.

Who can produce EPCs?

EPCs can only be produced by qualified and accredited Energy Assessors.

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